Practice Areas

Haughey, Philpot & Laurent Practice Areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Real Estate • Civil Litigation • Probate • Family Law • Bankruptcy
Administrative Law • Business Law • Corporate Law • and more

From simple estate planning to complex real estate matters and litigation, the attorneys of HP&L are well versed in numerous areas of legal expertise. They are proud to offer a personal approach to individuals and corporate clients alike.

Bankruptcy Law

Haughey, Philpot & Laurent’s  bankruptcy law practice has been built over decades. Our firm’s extensive experience in both debtor and creditor representation provides our clients with the expertise to navigate bankruptcy proceedings.

We counsel individuals, small businesses, and financial institutions who need guidance through the bankruptcy process regarding debt relief, foreclosure, and creditor’s rights under Chapters 7, 11 (including subchapter 5) and 13.

New Hampshire’s bankruptcy court is located in Concord, NH.

New Hampshire’s bankruptcy court is located in Concord, NH.

Civil Litigation

HP&L’s Civil Litigation Team helps clients negotiate conflicts with businesses  or other individuals that require the court’s intervention.

They handle Civil Litigation in all local, state and federal courts in all counties of New Hampshire.

The firm's lawyers have decades of trial experience and finally honed research skills.